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Using PHP, jQuery, and Highcharts to create a custom poll for your website
Here is a quick little custom poll I cooked up over the weekend which uses Highcharts Javascript charting library to display the results, and PHP and jQuery to do the work. The setup is easy, then edit your css and JS to customize the poll as you wish.

I have posted the code for this on GitHub here: https://github.com/benheb/Open-Poll
  • Setup a MySQL database to have one row and x number of columns (however many questions your poll will have).
  • Configure updatePoll.php with database connection details.
  • Include in your index.html file all necessary Javascript (see README).
  • Load in browser, customize, contribute!
Below is a demo of the poll. The boxes can be replaced as you wish, or even turned into a form as with a standard poll. The onClick effect is handled by jQuery's animate event.

Poll: What is your favorite color?

Please feel free to contribute, make suggestions, and otherwise share what you come up with!
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