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Jonathan's Card - A social experiment
I first stumbled across Jonathan's Card this passed Saturday, and like many I had my doubts. Jonathan's Card is a shared Starbucks card that anyone can use or reload by downloading the bar code to their cell phone.

Turns out, it totally works. And even after adding 5,000+ followers since I began tracking the transactions Saturday night it still seems to be working.

Maybe the greatest thing about this project is that Jonathan provided a developer API, so geeks like me could mess around with the endless stream of data. While I am still pushing him to add geographic data (store locations), and provide a JSONP format of the data (allowing live data stream more easily), I did have some fun using RaphaelJS to come up with this graph of the changing balance of the card over the last three hours.

Scroll over the graph to see the change in balance.

You can follow Jonathan's Card on Twitter here: @jonathanscard and try it out for yourself. Just be sure to pay it forward!

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